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“While home delivery of alcohol has been legal in many states for years, most retailers have chosen not to offer it. Online ordering remains relatively uncommon.

That partly reflects issues like the need to verify that people placing orders are legally old enough to purchase liquor. Drizly has solved that problem, it says, by equipping deliverymen with iPhones carrying software that can scan an identity document and determine it is valid.”

“For the first time, liquor retailers are joining the shift from the physical to the digital world, which other consumer industries have embraced over the past 15 years. Retailers are now able to compete online, using the tools that so many other sectors have benefited from to boost online sales.

Because of Drizly, retailers are now seeing a customer that is spending more, buying more often and a more profitable product mix. At the end of the day it’s a win-win for retailers.”

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