Selling beer, wine, and spirits online has never been easier.

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Drizly Driver App

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    ID Verification

    Scan a customer’s ID right on your phone at the point of delivery.

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    Know Where You're Going

    Integrates with your favorite GPS to get turn by turn directions to the customer.

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    Plan Your Routes

    See a map of all outstanding orders to plan the most effective routes around town.

Drizly Store Portal

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    Reporting Tools

    Get the insight you need into your sales data using our store reports.

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    Control your Inventory

    Sell everything on your shelves or curate the selection – the choice is yours.

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    Order Management

    Know exactly how many orders you have and how many to expect.

Alcohol Market Insights

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    Know What Customers Are Buying

    You’ll be able to see what folks are buying in your market and beyond.

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    Price Competitively

    Make sure your pricing is competitive. Drizly will show you how you compare to retailers near you.

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    Catch Trends

    You’ll see trends before the rest of the market. Drizly gives you the ability to see the future.

Account Management

And of course, Drizly’s team of Account Managers are constantly at the ready to provide updates, insights, and answers to any questions you might have.